Man jailed for stamping on stranger's head

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By The Bristol Post | Wednesday, November 21, 2012, 08:00

A MAN who repeatedly stamped on a stranger's head with such force that he left the imprint of his shoe on the man's face has been jailed for the attack.

Darren Davies, 24, knocked Anthony Youle to the ground at Nick's Bar in Weston-super-Mare as his victim was watching his female friend perform on stage in March this year.

After Mr Youle followed Davies outside he was again assaulted – this time by two other men before Davies proceeded to stamp on his prone victim's head in front of horrified onlookers.

Davies, of Moorland Park, Hewish, Weston-super-Mare, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

He also breached a suspended sentence order imposed for a similar attack when he assaulted an innocent stranger in a fast food restaurant.

Jailing Davies for a total of 18 months at Bristol Crown Court, Judge Carol Hagen told him: "There is simply no alternative other than custody. This was an appalling unprovoked attack on a complete stranger. It was not confined to the dance floor and continued outside.

"Shoe marks were left on his face and four teeth were lost.

"When you look at this against the background of an unprovoked attack on a man in McDonald's custody is the only option."

Paul Ricketts, prosecuting, said that on March 30 this year Mr Youle was on the dance floor when he noticed Davies in his personal space asking him if he had a problem.

"The victim said 'No. I haven't' and it was then punches were exchanged," Mr Ricketts said.

"Mr Youle did offer some resistance but the defendant got him into a headlock and continued to punch him to the head and face.

"He was then seen to run to the door followed by Mr Youle. The victim's friend ran to the door and found Mr Youle on his back with the defendant kicking him to the head a number of times.

"Another witness said that when she reached the door she saw Mr Youle being punched by two other males who were not the defendant.

"She then noticed the defendant leaning over Mr Youle, who was now on the floor, trying to stamp on his head.

"She tried to pull him away but again he stamped on his head."

In a statement My Youle said he had lost four teeth, had shoe prints on his head and bruising on his jaw, right eye socket and inside his mouth.

Mark Comer, defending, said his client could not remember anything of the incident but by his guilty plea had accepted the account given.

"This incident was undoubtedly alcohol-fuelled but that does not mean he has a regular problem with alcohol," Mr Comer said.

He said his client had not drunk any alcohol since the incident and was concerned about going to prison because he had got married a year ago and his wife is expecting.

"He has a strong sense of family values," Mr Comer said.

"He feels duty bound to support his wife."

But Judge Hagen told him: "You are distressed at the prospect of leaving your wife.

"I think it was irresponsible that this baby was conceived three months after this offence. It is always the family that suffers."



  • Profile image for Martinasmith

    That's the fighting man for you the boxer!
    1 hit =18 months

    Where's all that hard training gone that if u been doing then?

    By Martinasmith at 19:02 on 21/11/12

  • Profile image for stayclassy

    "He has a strong sense of family values," Mr Comer said.


    I am sure he was applying these values as he stomped on the other guys head so hard he knocked out 4 teeth.

    He'd get more repsect by saying;

    "It's a fact my lud, I am a brain dead, moronic chav, inclined to abuse cheap alcohol and casual acts of extreme violence. On top of that my 'Family Values' extend as far as child support and teenage pregnancy"

    Even Carol Hagen might be impressed...

    By stayclassy at 15:01 on 21/11/12

  • Profile image for 2ladybugs

    This seems a very short sentence considering this was his second offence of assault. I suppose he will get his sentence reduced for "good behaviour" therefore serving a fraction of his 18 months inside, when he will then be free to carry on with his delightful pastime of getting plastered and then laying into somebody else!!!!!!!

    By 2ladybugs at 11:55 on 21/11/12

  • Profile image for katachua


    "Very convenient the baby being conceived after the offence and then used in mitigation to get a lower sentence - and that useless Hagen obliged."

    I pity the poor kid, but it looks to me as if Judge Hagen has finally got wise to this trick.

    By katachua at 11:32 on 21/11/12

  • Profile image for Mikeydooley

    hopefully inside he will get a new whole torn then upon release wont even be able to look a man in the face let alone kick one. ps i blame the so called mum , so proud are you mum?

    By Mikeydooley at 10:58 on 21/11/12

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