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    Joe McElderry: Set Your Soul Alive

    Joe McElderry – Set Your Soul Alive Tour For fans of Joe McElderry and X Factor this is one night not to miss! Joe rose to fame when he won...

    By ThePlayhouse at 20:53 on 03/03/14, 0 comments

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    Jethro: The Legend at Large

    Jethro: The Legend at Large Cornish comedy legend Jethro is back, as large as life, and on tour in 2014 with his very own unique brand of irresistible...

    By ThePlayhouse at 20:49 on 03/03/14, 0 comments

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    Jon Richardson: Nidiot

    Jon Richardson: Nidiot British Comedy Award 2013 Nominee Jon Richardson is checking his tyre pressures, hoovering his floor mats and putting an...

    By ThePlayhouse at 20:46 on 03/03/14, 0 comments

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    Jim Davidson & Richard Digance: Together...

    Jim Davidson and Richard Digance: Together Again Two of the most iconic performers of a generation Jim Davidson and Richard Digance join forces this...

    By ThePlayhouse at 20:41 on 03/03/14, 0 comments

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    Let's Hang On

    Let's Hang On Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, their music and their everlasting popularity spanning many decades were finally brought to icon...

    By ThePlayhouse at 20:37 on 03/03/14, 0 comments

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    Gerry Cross The Mersey

    Gerry Cross The Mersey Join in this musical journey through the life and times of one of our greatest 60s icons – Gerry Marsden. Gerry and The...

    By ThePlayhouse at 20:35 on 03/03/14, 0 comments

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    Sing-a-long-a Dirty Dancing

    Sing-a-Long-a Dirty Dancing The producers of Sing-a-Long-a Sound of Music and Sing-a-Long-a GREASE bring you their latest interactive film. It's the...

    By ThePlayhouse at 20:30 on 03/03/14, 0 comments

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    Stars of Strictly Come Dancing

    Starring Pasha Kovalev and Katya Virshilas plus their spectacular dance troupe Pasha and Katya, along with their stunning dancers, bring you their...

    By ThePlayhouse at 20:57 on 12/02/14, 0 comments

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    That'll Be The Day

    It's party time again as the legendary That'll Be The Day, the nations favourite rock 'n' roll variety show returns with another opportunity to see...

    By ThePlayhouse at 20:54 on 12/02/14, 0 comments

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    Clare Teal: The Divas & Me!

    Our very own Queen of Swing celebrates the music of her heroines, the leading lights of the jazz and big band world Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Judy...

    By ThePlayhouse at 20:45 on 12/02/14, 0 comments

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